Holy Languages Sanskrit Basics

Introducing the Sanskrit sounds

The Sanskrit alphabet consists of 45 Varnas (letters or sounds): 12 Swaras (vowels) and 33 Vyanjanas (consonants).
These sounds represent almost all the varieties of sounds that can be pronounced by the human organ of speach.



a   आ ā    इ i    ई ī    उ u    ऊ ū    ऋ       ऌ

e    ओ o    ऐ ai   औ au  


Additional sounds:  Anuswara: अं aṁ   Visarga:  अः aḥ



ka    ख kha    ग ga     घ gha     ङ ṅa

ca    छ cha     ज ja      झ jha      ञ ña

ṭa     ठ ṭha      ड ḍa     ढ ḍha      ण ṇa

ta     थ tha      द da     ध dha      न na

pa     फ pha   ब ba     भ bha      म ma


ya   र ra   ल la   व va

ṣa   श śa   स sa   ह ha


Practice traditional style basic vowels chanting with these village school kids:


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