Words of the Founder


Dear students,
With love and respect, I welcome you to the Prabhuji Institute, which is the materialization of a long-awaited vision of many years. This virtual frame was founded to impart teachings on essential topics for spiritual development in a serious and systematic way, which can be learned in the comfort of your home.
Our motivation is not material profit, but a sincere aspiration to share this teachings with the public.
The institute’s team of teachers, which is formed by some of my senior disciples, constitutes the fruit of years of labor. In each one of them, was invested energy, time, patience, and effort. I feel deeply satisfied when I see the aspirants of yesterday becoming the instructors, professors, and teachers of today. They have become specialized in their respective subjects and they are able to teach, spread, and promote this message.
They have my most sincere gratitude for their contribution to this project.

Your unconditional well-wisher,